Preschool Program

Important Dates

Registration information for the 2024-25 preschool program will be available Thursday February 1.

Welcome to the Dearborn Early Learning Center Preschool Program where children ages 3-5 are grouped according to their ability level and advance at their own pace. Our classes are taught by caring and nurturing teachers who will make a difference in your child’s life. Preschoolers may choose from a 2, 3 or 5 day a week program.

Our back-to-basics curriculum focuses on the development of early readers through the use of the “Zoo Phonics” reading program. The foundation of our program is based on our belief that children develop at different levels. An “individualized education plan” is developed for each child so that they are able to work at their own pace with the focus being on challenging each child. Each day your child will work with one of the teachers on the material that he/she needs practice with. Depending on your child’s level, materials may include the following: letter and sound recognition, colors, shapes, sight word readers, phonics readers, reading comprehension & sight words.

  • Our back-to-basics curriculum will provide your child with different hands-on experiences in the following areas: Shape, color & number recognition, sorting and visual discrimination, extending patterns, counting objects, comparing numbers, graphing, basic addition and subtraction and proper letter formation.
  • Your child will enjoy developing his/her fine motor skills through lots of art activities that include cutting, gluing, finger painting, Q-tip painting, and other seasonal activities. We spend a lot of time with these pre-writing skills and move into letter formation once the above are mastered.

Our day is filled with songs, games and other activities to help develop your child’s social skills. Your child will enjoy making new friends and playing in our clean classrooms with the most up-to-date equipment and toys.