Sara B. I Had Already Heard So Many Great Things!

"Before my daughter attended DEL, I had already heard so many great things from several parents who’s children had attended the school. I have come to find out that it was all true and then some. The entire staff is incredible. So patient, caring and full of love as educators of little totts. They care for each child’s needs and make sure to pay each and every child the attention they need. Each child also gets a daily one on one session to complete their folder and each folder is created to that child’s level of learning. Because of this, my daughter was reading before the age of 4! I could go on and on about how wonderful this school has been for my little one, both academically and socially. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing preschool program for their children.”

Mirna D. Very Organized

“This is an awesome preschool! Our little one got evaluated from day 1 and they had all the info written down on a take-home folder. From then on we received daily communications through that folder of what he did at school and what his new goals were. The staff and school are super clean and professional. I highly recommend them. We are so forever grateful of you! Thank you!!”

Lori M. The Staff Is The Sweetest

“I wasn’t sure how my youngest child would do with the transition to preschool since he is so attached to me and is a shy child. After hearing so many wonderful things about Dearborn Early Learning, I registered him there. Two months into the school year, and I already know that I made the right decision. He is excited to go to school, and he is having fun while learning. That is most important. I cannot compliment Miss Sandra enough. She is one of the sweetest people I have met. She is genuine and caring, and my son really likes her. I feel safe and confident leaving him in her care. To be honest, I have a bit of “Mom guilt” that my other three children didn’t get to go to Dearborn Early Learning! I wish I had known about it sooner. I really feel that it is going to give my son an advantage when he goes to kindergarten, and serve as a strong foundation for the rest of his education. Thank you to all of the staff who work so hard with my child, and others, you are appreciated!”

Amber G. Boy! Am I Impressed!

“Boy! Am I impressed! Attending the pre-school program at DELC has been an amazing experience. My daughter is constantly learning things whether it’s a part of the structured curriculum or just from interaction with the staff and students. I feel like I’m always saying, “Wow! Where did you learn to say/do/know that?” Her answer is always, “School!” I am so happy with our decision to send her to the Dearborn Early Learning Center and can’t wait for her brother to follow in the fall. I am confident that they will both be world’s ahead entering kindergarten in a few years.”

Sheila A. The Best Choice I Made!

“I was always worried about school for my son because you never know the experience they will take from it … I can honestly say this was the best choice I made for us and I know one of his best experiences yet!!! Thank you so much!”

Chris & Heather B. Best Preschool Program In Wayne County

“My daughter has been in the program since she was one year old. She is now 4 years old!! With a new sibling arriving this October he/she will follow in her big sister’s footsteps! This program has been recommended by family members from the past to use. The staff is dedicated to each child and his/her own learning levels!! Ms. Sandra is a great teacher who my husband and I trust fully. She is like a 2nd mommy to our daughter!!”

Mariela M. The Teachers And Staff Are Amazing!

“The teachers and staff are amazing! They have a genuine interest in the children and spend a great deal of time with them inspiring them to learn. My son looks forward to going to school and learning. This is coming from a little boy that once said he didn’t need school because he already knew his abc’s and could learn other things on educational television shows. Thank you again for everything you have done to kickstart a successful school experience for my child.”

Terri & Grant L. Amazing Kindergarten Experience!

“DELC has given our daughter an amazing Kindergarten experience! Every day when we pick her up she is so excited to tell about her day and all that she has learned. She became a reader in the first month of school. It’s an amazing group of teachers and staff that makes it such a success. I love that she has a lot of one on one time and is assessed daily on her progress. Our daughter is teaching us Spanish! We cannot say enough about the choice we made in choosing The Dearborn Early Learning Center.”

Ann B. Great My Baby And Me Program

“This is our 2nd year in the program and only one hour a week makes a huge difference in my son’s life, Issa enjoys every single minute of his time with Miss Mary and looks forward to the next session every week, thank you so much for the love and care that given to him!! We look forward to 2015 preschool year!!”

Kristy B. AMAZING Educational Experience

“I cannot say enough about how wonderful the DELC is. Both of my children are currently enrolled in the preschool program and my son will be attending kindergarten at the center as well. The teachers go above and beyond in just about every way possible to make sure the students have an AMAZING educational experience. I also adore the teacher/parent contact that is given on a daily basis via the educational plan folders. In addition, I LOVE the innovative projects and learning through the zoo-phonics program. The DELC is a fantastic place!”

Nicole T. Thanks For Everything

“Thanks for everything! My son has learned so much from your preschool. It really was a perfect fit for him! Can’t wait until my younger son is 3!”